Dating The Village People

I have just been having an online chat with a fellow London Metblogger who used to date a Marine.  Asking how it was going, I was told that she had kicked the Marine to the kerb in favour of a construction gang boss in the States.  Before I could stop myself, I typed:

[13:41] BigNosedUglyGuy: Are you dating The Village People in rotation?
[13:41] BigNosedUglyGuy: Who next? The sailor, motorcycle cop and Indian Chief?

She replied:

[13:44] <blogger>: meanie.

making me feel bad for implying loose morals – but then spoiled the illusion and cracked me up with:

[13:45] <blogger>: you know… I’ve already had a copper.

That said, serially dating representatives of the Village People professions would be one hell of a wager – but old hat for some gay friends I suspect.

3 Responses to “Dating The Village People”

  1. PinkFairyCat says:

    where do I find a indian cheif.. that is the next question

  2. J.A.S.O.N. says:

    Oh man…I needed that laugh!

  3. Ian McKenzie says:

    If you can remember the Village People, you’re “dating” yourself. 😉

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