Boxing Day Biking

After the excesses of Christmas Day, of which there were several, who can resist the lure of the open road under a bright blue sky to blow away the cobwebs?  The sound of the cicadas, the smell of the pines and eucalypts and feel of the warm air wafting by brought smiles to the face of No.3 and I as we pedaled around the valley, exploring roads and tracks we’d never been down before.

Out by the old trotting track, we crossed the main freight line.  I paused on the crossing to ponder how different my daily commute might be if passenger services still came this far rather than terminate two stations south.  There’s a glimmer of hope with track upgrading currently taking place and rumours of extending services further north in the future.

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  1. Every pic you post just shows a new enticing side to your new homeland. Absolutely gorgeous and totally inviting! And of course the summertime over there at the mo is the magnificent icing on the cake for us shivering with damp cold and grey skies over here in London.

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