Biblical cellular plans

My history with NZ’s cellphone provider Vodafone has not been an entirely happy one, what with being sold phones that they then wouldn’t connect, refusal to raise farcically low credit limits and receiving three month’s billing on a phone I handed back after 24 hours. However last night, in a call with the lovely Marni during which I again vented my spleen, things took a bizzare turn. Having worked through my various annoyances and agreed on downgrading my call plan, I asked to be placed on the basic minimal off peak use plan.

“Ah, so you’d be wanting to go on to Gethsemane then?” said Marni.
“Sorry?!” I said, wondering that Vodafone were now offering spiritual connections as well as telephonic ones.
“You’re wanting to go on to Gethsemane then?” she repeated.
“No – Get 70 – the Get 70 call plan!”
“Ah” said I.

Well, it’s a mistake anyone could make, isn’t it?

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