Back to earth – with a bump

Upon arriving home, we were greeted by a pile of post over 12 inches (30 cms for Zoe and the other Euro folk reading this) tall, which I have just worked my way through. The mail awaiting my personal attention included not only the usual junk mail and detritus but also:

  1. A credit card bill.
  2. A London Congestion Charge Penalty fine.
  3. A second London Congestion Charge Penalty fine.
  4. Yet a third London Congestion Charge Penalty fine.
  5. A Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty speed camera fine.
  6. A letter from my employers concerning increased healthcare benefit costs.

Talk about timing. The Congestion Charge Penalty fines are bullshit as I registered the car concerned as a temporary vehicle whilst my usual car was in the body shop. When I called to straighten it all out, they told me I had to call back the relevant department on Monday – despite the fact the they couldn’t find any fines levied against the car concerned. The speeding fine is probably legit but as the camera is located on the slowest stretch of my daily commute, I am a touch naffed off at getting a fine and points, when I normally couldn’t break a sweat, let alone the speed limit, on that road. My employers want me to pay into a dental plan that will cost me more than my annual average bill with my current dentist – and he’s not cheap – which is why I got the credit card bill. It’s just as well I haven’t just been and spent all our money on a holiday for SWMBO and the sprogs then, isn’t it.


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