Are you sure it’s me you want?

Haven’t done this for a while.  Here, without embellishment or alteration, are a few selected search terms that have brought folks to this blog:

  • snoochie boochies
  • evil hand
  • gambas pil pil recipe
  • hugh fearnley-whittingstall guardian weekend
  • military equipment emergency aid bag for soldier in wool
  • ‘full body photo of kelly holmes’
  • 2004 contacts mail address mr numbers in portugal

So unless I am getting repeated hits from a one-handed survivalist Kevin Smith movie fan who spends time on their smallholding by reading broadsheet newspapers, surrounded by questionable pictures of female athletes whilst wishing they hadn’t lost the contact details for an Portuguese chef who makes great tapas, my readership is a very broad church.

‘Soldier in wool’?

my lo-fi ears are listening to All The King’s Horses/Joss Stone

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