All Hail!

London, or this part of London at least, has just had a sudden and fairly impressive hailstorm. Big ploppy rain turned to marble-sized hail and for a full 5 minutes, it hailed with varying intensity. Ever concerned for the livestock and crops – OK, the rabbits, guinea pigs, tomatoes and chili plants – I bravely sheltered in the bedroom and took pictures.

Sprog Two, without a thought for her own safety, dashed outside and retrieved one of the icy meteorites for further analysis.

Must stop there as I’m off to panic-buy gluten-free penne and balsamic vinegar at Asda in case Monday proves to be The Day After Tomorrow, if you know what I mean.

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  1. pigpogm says:

    There’s something splendidly funny about panic buying “gluten-free penne and balsamic vinegar”.

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