A year on, a world away

It is not often I am unable to finish my breakfast but this morning I have no stomach for it.  Browsing through my news subscriptions in my feed reader, I am confronted by the events of a year ago and realise just how far away, physically and emotionally, I am from those events and the places in which they happened.  Without the slow build-up I am sure there has been in the UK media, the events I blogged feel raw and fresh and I am struck by the void that must now exist in the lives of fifty two families and the continuing trauma of those who survived.  In the same breath, I am thankful that we had the courage and self-belief to pack up and move to a different environment where we could build a different life.  As I go through my day, preparing to move to a new family home in the community we have chosen to live in, my thoughts are with those who were on the train just two minutes behind the one I was on this time last year.

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