A grainy rod


SWMBO has just found this photo amongst some papers in an old box.  I have no idea how old the photo is.  I cannot even recall the circumstances in which it was taken but it is a Polaroid test shot from a large format camera so it might have been from my acting days.  Judging by the earring, straighter nose and abundant hair and compared to the studio shot below, I’d guess there’s a fifteen to twenty year gap between the shots.  That the sprogs fell about laughing when they saw it has driven home the fact that I’m not what I used to be.


NB: First one to email me the relevance of this post’s title will win a spot prize of some description.

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  1. True_Halcyon says:

    All told, I’d say you’re aging quite well- if there can be such a thing! Nice to finally put a face to the moniker…

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