‘A big disappointment’

So says Michael Owen. I’m sure Andy will blog the last hour’s events better than I. Sad.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Oh geez, do NOT encourage him! Tonight at dinner we had this big-ass hawk attack a bird in the tree – the screeches were terrible – and I turned to him in horror and he said, “Yeah I know – two all and we lost on penalties. Disgusting.”

    Um, yeah, but even more disgusting was the bird guts flying everywhere, but sure, let’s talk about the dude who plays for Everton that busted up his ankle.

    Again, PLEASE do not encourage him!

    (As the saying goes, “You can take the boy out of Blighty, but you can’t take the rat bastard refs off the pitch when England are playing.” Or maybe I just made that up.)

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