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Star Trek: the mad cow link

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

I think I’m slowly losing my marbles.  There I was, about 50 minutes into the Star Trek movie at the local movie house, popcorn and drink at hand, enjoying an afternoon off work.  Just as Kirk and Uhura were convincing Captain Pike of the Romulan ruse, I get a text from the kid’s pastor at church:

Cn u pik up 40 x sausage+chips from takeaway on way to church? Thanx!

The action on the screen was only half as fast and furious as the synapses snapping in my brain as I suddenly realised that, as one of the leaders of our church’s intermediate youth group, I was meant to be 10kms away preparing to take 20 kids to a quiz night in a neighbouring town.

Given that I am always helping run the group every Friday and yet failed to recall this when planning my afternoon at the flicks, I can only assume that I have ‘the mad cow’ that so cruelly afflicts William Shatner‘s other great character, Denny Crane.  As Boston Legal fans will already know, the show has included more than a few knowing nods to Star Trek.