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It ain’t Master Chef but…

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Noodle mix

At this time of year, when the Yuletide finishing line is in sight but there’s still a week to go, I still have to rise early for work whilst the rest of the family slumber. The last thing I want to do in the morning is make a packed lunch but our budget is tight so I can’t have cafe lunches everyday either.

Today, I didn’t need to make a lunch as my group boss laid on a fantastic barbecue to welcome his teams to the newly relocated offices.  Not only that but he made sure that all the leftovers were offered to staff to take home, rather than chuck perfectly good food away.

I’ll often take fresh food for youth group to guzzle or to put non-perishables into the food bank.  With youth group done for the year, I grabbed a couple of cooked steaks to bring home, where I sliced them as thinly as possible, mixed the meat with slivers of onion, cabbage, capsicums and carrot and bagged portions to freeze.

When I next cannot be bothered to make a packed lunch, I’ll simply grab one of these bags from the freezer and a packet of instant noodles from the larder so I can whip up a slightly more appetising and healthier version of a pot noodle.

Like I said, it ain’t Master Chef but it’ll fill a gap.