Occupy Aotea: sit-in sell-out?



Earlier today, I saw a pizza delivery guy delivering to a tent amid those of the ongoing protest in Auckland’s Aotea Square.  Call me old fashioned but doesn’t secret snacking on a garlic-infused stuffed crust 12″ meat-lovers kind of undermine the integrity of one’s staunch commitment to the anti-greed/consumerism/globalisation/everything cause?

Just saying.

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3 Responses to “Occupy Aotea: sit-in sell-out?”

  1. I have thought of the same as the Starbucks’s and other similar establishments have done their best business in years around St Paul’s Sq here in London town since the illegal camping started.

  2. You know, if I had been told that pizza was involved I would have gone to one of those shindigs a long time ago.



  3. Casey
    Lovely to see you back online – look forward to seeing stuff from you in my feed reader!

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