40 Hour Famine

I don’t know what the weather is doing elsewhere in the world but we have cool temperatures, cold winds and heavy rain.  Added to this, I also have a stinking cold and a nose like a dripping tap.  However, compared to millions around the world, my life is extremely rosy for I am warm, well fed and have a roof over my head.

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Later, I’ll be helping to supervise a sleepover with a difference down at the church where the kids in our intermediate youth group will be getting a taste of a less comfortable lifestyle than the one they’re used to.  Firstly, we will have a big pile of cardboard and rags from which they will have to scavenge in order to build a shelter in which to sleep.  Likewise, they may be woken and ‘moved on’ by ‘police officers’.  Secondly, if they are not participating in the 40 Hour Famine, a nationwide sponsored fast, the only food available to them between 1730hrs today and 0800hrs tomorrow will be a bowl of lukewarm rice and watery soup.

While we will be doing this indoors for health and safety reasons, the aim is to provide some insight into what a night might be like for kids who live on the street or in refugee camps the world over.  So, before you go and get your Friday night pizza or pop upstairs to turn on the electric blanket, click on the image above and make a donation to help those that can’t – thanks!

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