Bread and cook books

BreadMaisie and I have been busy this morning making a couple of common or garden white loaves of bread, following a recipe from The Complete Cook, one of two very well-used Hamlyn cook books on our kitchen bookshelf.

It is a fine family cook book and encyclopedia that contains information on ingredients, tools & equipment, basic techniques as well as over 1,000 recipes across a range of many cuisines – including what one reviewers claims to be the best chocolate mousse ever.

The other is the Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book, a birthday present from my Dad that even has his birthday card stuck inside.  Dating from the mid-1970s, when my foodie tendencies started to surface, it has some great highly styled photos of trendy dishes straight from the world of Abigail’s Party.

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3 Responses to “Bread and cook books”

  1. Angus says:

    Sir, am I the only reader to notice a 2006 vintage Warehouse outdoor table underpinning those loaves? I couldn’t help but notice, as I’ve just reassembled one of the same on my plantation.

    I thank you!

  2. Not from the Warehouse, me ol’ China but some overpriced outlet place in Albany about 4 years back – so you’re right on the vintage but not the provenance!

  3. Angus says:

    Quite right, on closer inspection, I see the patina isn’t all that it could be. If I spent more time under a sun lamp, I’d probably call it a ‘bobby dazzler’.

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