Bags are packed.
Coolie box is chilled.
Flat has been cleaned and tidied.
Directions, maps and traffic info printed.
Parents not talking after arguing for days on end.
Kids are pretending to sleep but are too excited to do so.
Tyres have been pumped up and the fuel tank filled on the 806.
Just one more restless sleep and we’ll be on the way to our summer holiday. Two last things to mention:

  1. Any criminals planning on exploiting our absence should know that we have friends flatsitting and pet feeding whilst we are away.
  2. I would ask anyone who appears in my Bloglines bloglist to the right, to cease posting for 15 days so I don’t have to wade through a veritable backlog mountain when I get back.

The next post you’re like to read will be from Chievely Services on the M4, where we’ll be either:

  1. Cursing each other for having left the luxury accomodation details on the kitchen worktop or
  2. Waiting for the man from Green Flag to deal with something expensive like this.

Now, where’s that Saint Christopher?

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  1. Emchi says:

    Bon Voyage Monsieur Jonda! (possibly full of typos)

    I will save you the worry of having to read my blog as I’m off for 5 days (well 9 if you want to be pedantic and include the weekends). Have a stonking holiday, I hope the weather keeps up for you.

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