Brought to you by Marconi

Brought to you by Marconi

I am typing this sitting at the foot of the Maroni Memorial column on the cliffs at Poldhu Point. From a small building a few hundred feet to the north east, on the 12th December 1901, the letter ‘S’ was transmitted out over the Atlantic. This repeated burst of three ‘dots’, from what was then the world’s most powerful transmitter, was clearly received by Marconi himself in a small room over looking east over the Atlantic from Signal Hill in Newfoundland, Canada. With this seemingly simple feat, Marconi and his company conquered the challenge of wireless communication over long distances. It seems fitting to type this at the same site, despite the strong offshore breeze and nosey coastal path walkers, knowing that when I hit SEND in VersaMail on T3 it will transmit this post by the Bluetooth and cellular technologies that are the direct descendents of Marconi’s pioneering transmissions. In doing so, I can only marvel at the man’s vision and tenacity in making that groundbreaking leap 103 years ago.

with Palm T3 and SE T610

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