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Three Dollars —

Just watched Robert Connolly’s Three Dollars and really enjoyed it.  The 6.2 IMDB rating belies a great Australian movie threaded with themes that many will identify with and characters that you care about played.  For Alfred Hitchcock fans or those who just love a nod by one director to another, there’s even a brief homage […]

A Day Out —

Had a great day out with Wendy, Maisie and her friend Alice today.  We saw a few things at Auckland Museum, checked out the view from the top of Maungawhau and had afternoon tea in Mount Eden before heading home. In the Aqua exhibition, Maisie tries fetching water as many kids her age have to […]

Water Woes – update —

Yesterday, prayers were answered when we received an email from the mission team in Thailand. They are all well and have moved from Mauk Lek back to Bangkok without incident and avoiding the areas worst hit by flooding.  From the brief email we have had, it seem that despite the weather and floods, they have […]

The last piece of paper —

Five years, four months and 25 days ago, I wrote a post entitled Two pieces of paper, in which I celebrated our family being granted returning residency in New Zealand. Today, we each received a letter (above) requesting we attend a ceremony next month at Auckland Town Hall.  There, with just a twist of irony, we […]

Water Woes —

Life’s full of irony. Considering the impact that the weather is having around the PacAsia has given me reason to pause and ponder on how much I choose to ignore when I am not involved or impacted in some way. Here in the rural north of New Zealand, we have thoroughly enjoyed the spring sunshine […]

Waikato weekend —

Just back from a great 36 hours down country. Broke up the leisurely drive down State Highway 1 with a picnic lunch by the river in Mercer.  Took the opportunity to buy some great mature Gouda and nettle cheeses from the Mercer Cheese Shop and then headed onto Hamilton. Once there, we settled into our […]