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Martin Luther King Jr. Day —

Today, the 17th of January, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The following presentation, posted by Matt Peyton at The Bluevine Collective ponders the ongoing legacy of King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail through words and video. The Bluevine Collective is new to me but I have enjoyed what I have read there recently.

Bread and cook books —

Maisie and I have been busy this morning making a couple of common or garden white loaves of bread, following a recipe from The Complete Cook, one of two very well-used Hamlyn cook books on our kitchen bookshelf. It is a fine family cook book and encyclopedia that contains information on ingredients, tools & equipment, basic techniques as well […]

Eric & Ernie and Coronation Street —

In the last 48 hours, I have had the pleasure of watching Eric & Ernie and The Road To Coronation Street, a pair of biographical dramas about two of the most successful UK TV shows of all time. Laced with Northern working class humour that had me laughing out loud. Without a doubt, these are two of […]

Jimmy Carter vs. Sarah Palin —

Paul Thomas makes some interesting points on Palin’s comparison of Barak Obama to Jimmy Carter in his op-ed piece in Saturday’s NZH. Since being unceremoniously ejected from the White House in 1980, Jimmy Carter has devoted much time and energy to making hellish parts of the world a little less hellish. Now he’s on the […]

MMR, autism and sadness —

As a close relative of someone with an autism spectrum disorder, I read yesterday’s British Medical Journal article explaining in detail how Andrew Wakefield fixed his study and the case against the MMR vaccine with sadness. Sad that, for whatever reasons, a consultant erred in his professional responsibilities, his consideration of his colleagues and his duty of care to […]

Heartlands —

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours watching ‘Heartlands‘ last night. Rescued from the ignominy of the bargain bin, what a cracking little movie it turned out to be. A gentle tale of a quiet man who sets out on his moped to find his philandering wife and discovers there’s more to life than darts and beer […]

Itchy feet or a nudge? —

I had an interesting day with SWMBO today starting with an offhand discussion that started with us talking about moving our shed so we could paint the house.  This led to a discussion about whether or not to pursue the idea of buying a sleep-out to accommodate our growing band of teenagers. Before we knew […]