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Getting To Simple —

Isn’t it funny how our self-reliance and self-centredness so easily convinces us that we’re the only one that feels a particular way when all along there are many, including those close to us, who feel the same or share the same concerns? Having been enlightened by Tony and Felicity Dale’s Simply Church, I have spent a week or […]

Stars – Switchfoot —

After a week of highs and lows, tonight is definitely a ‘Stars‘ night. …Stars lookin at our planet watching entropy and pain And maybe start to wonder how the chaos in our lives could pass as sane I’ve been thinking bout the meaning of resistance, of a hope beyond my own And suddenly the infinite […]

Godincidence? —

A quick post for no other reason than to share a nice true story. Yesterday, I grabbed a burger and fries with a young guy from church and chatted through some stuff he’s got on his mind. This morning, walking to the college bus with my daughter, the young guy finds $120 in crisp new […]

Inspiration & perspiration —

Just wolfing down my packed lunch after a lunchtime run with a colleague.  Though not particularly long or hard, this was my first run in about 18 months so the warm post-exercise glow of smugness and achievement is surpassed only by the cramp in my legs.  Any thoughts I might entertain about moaning over sore muscles […]

Bob Goff’s Upside Down Charity —

In Bob Goff Turns the Idea of Charity Upside Down, a guest post on Donald Miller’s blog, Justin Zoradi gives us cause to reflect on our attitude to giving and charity.  Subverting the usual story of us giving to them, the post describes how former child soldiers in Uganda decided to donate some of the […]

Simple Church —

It’s exactly a month since my last post. I have been doing a lot of reading and a similar amount of thinking about many things including my faith and how that is expressed in my life. I heard a story today about a boy who struggles to read and write but really enjoys reading Bible […]