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Dear Kristine Elizabeth Hoffman —

Dear Kristine Elizabeth Hoffman I love the occasional and unintended glimpses of other people’s lives that I find in the second hand books I read.  I have been idly wondering about how many degrees, in this internet-connected global village of ours, separate two complete strangers whose only connection is a paperback book.  For instance, take the […]

Messiah in the mall! —

Most days, my early morning prayers include the hope that I might see Jesus during the day to come. Most days, I either don’t look hard enough or I look in the wrong place. Yesterday, I found Him in the mall – albeit not quite in the manner or place I expected -yet He was undeniably […]

Dad & Daughter Camp —

I have just returned from an absolutely fantastic 48 hours attending the Kotare Brownie’s ‘Dad & Daughter’ Camp with my youngest daughter.  We joined fourteen other dads and girls for a weekend of adventure, campfires, tall stories and hot chocolate at the marvelous Motu Moana Scout Camp & Outdoor Activity Centre which set in native bush overlooking […]

Monet refuses the operation —

I know absolutely nothing of Lisel Mueller or her poetry.  I came across this poem yesterday and immediately loved it for its premise, certainty of tone and wonderfully rich imagery. Monet refuses the operation Doctor, you say there are no halos around the streetlights in Paris and what I see is an aberration caused by […]

iCake™ —

Another year on the planet, another cake but there’s a twist this year. In previous years, She Who Must Be Obeyed has been the architect and builder of many a fine birthday cake for each member of the family.  However, this year, my birthday cake was created and decorated by my eight year old daughter. […]

A work in progress —

As mentioned elsewhere, I have been reading Matthew Paul Turner’s blog and enjoying his tweets for a while but I have never got around to checking out his books. That all changed yesterday, when we went shopping for soccer kit for our resident goalkeeper and then dropped into a bookstore nearby.  There, I found the […]