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Hitching through The Bible —

As a simple but authoritative overview of the Bible, I have found ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Bible: Thumbing through the Old and New Testaments’ by Colin Sinclair to be very useful.  Despite the lightweight title, the book is a marvellously detailed resource and provides a full overview of The Bible and how the books […]

Doing the Right Thing —

Affluent lifestyle creates related expectations, so when we develop an addiction to consumerism we become the authors of our own local problems too. One of the yardsticks for measuring poverty is determining the point at which people are able to participate in society. It doesn’t take much wit to see that the more simply a […]

Spiritual Gifts —

A while back, I competed a spiritual gifts questionnaire and I was intrigued not only by the results but more so by my initial reaction to them.  The top three – exhortation, hospitality and mercy – are not what I would have guessed, or rather, are words/gifts that I haven’t really considered in relation to myself before.  […]

Biblical call plan, anyone? —

Just found a note of a funny exchange I had with my mobile phone company a few years back… Me: Can you please just put me back on the basic off-peak call plan? Vodafone: “Ah, so you’d be wanting to go on to Gethsemane then?” Me: “Sorry?!” Vodafone: “You’re wanting to go on to Gethsemane […]

Peeking round the church door —

If, as our Pastor preached last week, my life’s map is drawn by God, then that map has been coloured in by my children. One’s personal salvation is unique – an amalgam of emotion, spirit, enlightenment, sensation and faith, brought together in one time and one place – just for that individual. For some, salvation […]