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Squeaky Clean Mighty Mouse —

Like a fair few Mac users before me, I have had more than one or two issues with my Mighty Mouse.  I have tried the ‘clean the ball by rolling on a cloth upside down’ method on a number of occasions but the results never seem to last for long.  Sooner rather than later, I […]

Swine flu over the cuckoo's nest —

Telecom New Zealand and Vodafone must be making an absolute fortune from all the teenage texting that must be going on right now. Today, it transpired that 450 Westlake Girls High School students are to be in home isolation for the week after a ‘swine flu student had contact with almost 200‘. While we’re far […]

Antonio Carluccio —

© Antonio Carluccio Just turned to the Food Channel on the TV and caught an episode of ‘Southern Italian Feast’ presented by my all-time favourite foodie Antonio Carluccio.   It’s hard to believe that I first watched this show on the BBC ten years ago back in England. After picking up some marvelous ingredients in Palermo’s […]

Time Out Bookstore —

Time Out Bookstore in Auckland’s Mount Eden is everything you can ask for in a neighbourhood bookshop.  It is cosy, inviting, bursting with great books and staffed by lovely, engaging and knowledgeable folk who’ll happily offer an opinion on whatever you’re flicking through – or leave you to browse quietly.  They have fun author nights […]

World Environment Day —

World Environment Day – one of the most popular days on the United Nations calendar – is slowly coming to an end in New Zealand but is still to come for much of the world.  It is an opportunity to raise awareness and promote action on national environmental issues. This year’s theme for World Environment […]

Reunited and it feels so good —

Some sixteen hours ago, in a fizzle of over-bright LEDs, my old wireless router and DSL modem died and our house was plunged back into the dark, unconnected days of the last century.  After struggling through an evening of ‘just’ TV movies, handheld games and books, I went out this morning and snagged a new […]