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South Island snaps —

I have finally found an hour or so to go through all my photos of our autumn family holiday to Te Wai Pounamu, New Zealand’s South Island.  While there were some real shockers amongst the hundreds of images, I have found 38 pictures that really sum up the two weeks we spent touring the island.  […]

Planets in my house —

After making a pair of tin can telephones and fooling around with them for a while, my youngest daughter were looking for other ways to spend time having fun together. One of the photographs we took through the hole in one of the cans looked a little like a planet in space and Mum suggest […]

40 Hour Famine —

I don’t know what the weather is doing elsewhere in the world but we have cool temperatures, cold winds and heavy rain.  Added to this, I also have a stinking cold and a nose like a dripping tap.  However, compared to millions around the world, my life is extremely rosy for I am warm, well […]

Dolby Wired podcast & new albums —

It has been a busy 36 hours for Thomas Dolby.  In a Wired podcast just uploaded to iTunes, Dolby has just previewed 2.5 new tracks of his first new album in 18 years.  ‘A Map of The Floating City’ will be released as three downloadable EPs followed by the CD.  This is preceded by today’s […]

Aura and Bebot —

A brief tweet from nodding acquaintance PigPog and a wet afternoon led me first to Bebot and then to Aura.  For someone with close to zero musical talent like me, these two apps offer great fun synthesiser and ambient music fun respectively – and all for less than $5.

Brief thoughts on poverty —

I recently flew down to Wellington for a one day forum and, killing time in a bookshop near the Beehive, I picked up a copy of Rob Frost’s excellent book, ‘Doing the Right Thing– 10 issues on which Christians have to take a stand‘.  In this slim volume, Frost covers subjects ranging from abortion and […]

Star Trek: the mad cow link —

I think I’m slowly losing my marbles.  There I was, about 50 minutes into the Star Trek movie at the local movie house, popcorn and drink at hand, enjoying an afternoon off work.  Just as Kirk and Uhura were convincing Captain Pike of the Romulan ruse, I get a text from the kid’s pastor at […]

Vivid & varied vinyl memories —

My first ever exposure to electronic or synthersiser music was in the unlikely venue of an aunt’s living room somewhere in Middle England.  Undoubtedly bored with the family conversation, I snuck off, donned headphones and listened to records on the ‘music centre’.  One of the records was a ‘stereo sampler’, a 12″ vinyl record designed […]

Quick Search from Google —

For Mac OS X users only at this time, Google’s Quick Search is their take on Blacktree Software’s excellent and much loved Quicksilver.  The source code of Quicksilver was made available 18 months back via Google Code and apparently the guy behind it is now working on the Google Mac team, so maybe this isn’t […]

iPhoto Slideshow DVD —

Our youngest has been keen to make a movie of the photos I took on our recent South Island holiday so she can show them to her class and today the spindle of DVDs I got mail order finally turned up. Having recently used her teacher’s laptop for a ‘show and tell’ about my job, […]