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Slimming down —

Not another New Year’s diet but a rationalisation of my daily work tools. I normally review my work habits and productivity tools as the year turns and this year is no different. The turmoil in my home and work life over the last eighteen months – emigration, job hunting, residency process, promotions and company-wide reorganisation […]

Performancing becomes ScribeFire —

Ian of the Messy Desk snuck in a last minute 2006 post referencing the blog editor with both currently use, Performancing for Firefox. Following the sale of parts of Performancing, PFF has now morphed into ScribeFire. The ScribeFire link skips to the download page at present but a separate website is sure to follow. […]

Happy New Year! —

Happy New Year from Aotearoa Bethells Beach/Te Henga, West Auckland The very first folks to greet the New Year will be the good people of Kahuitara Point on Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands. Along with them, and others as diverse as the Fijians in Suva and the Far East Russians of the Kamchatka Peninsula, […]