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Thomas Dolby & Michael Brecker —

I have always enjoyed Thomas Dolby’s music and periodically delve into his blog to have a look at what he is up to. Tomorrow sees the release of a bonus last episode of his ‘extra material’ video podcasts which were culled from his recent Sole Inhabitant tour footage. Although I don’t have a video iPod, […]

Behold, a blogging Bishop —

Mike Hill is the The Bishop of Bristol’s blog – an interesting read for believer and heathen alike.  Started to record the recovery of the Bish and his wife after a car accident, it has broadened in scope considerably.  Dave, he of the excellent The Cartoon Blog, recently pointed to Mike Hill’s site and wonders […]

What’s in my bag these days —

Although the ‘What’s in my bag?’ meme is well past it’s first flush of youth, I do find it mildly diverting to look at what folks carry around. The photos that people add to the ‘What’s in my bag?‘ and ‘Every Day Carry‘ Flickr groups give a small window on the global community’s changing habits; […]

Baby, this is so money! —

For anyone who has seen ‘Swingers’ and ‘Sling Blade’, the YouTube video, ‘Swing Blade’ will be so money. Those that haven’t will just scratch their heads. It’s a one-joke deal but me? I spluttered tea and toast hooting over this breakfast-time find. Technorati Tags: YouTube, Swingers, Switch Blade