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Robert Altman —

Strange to relate, last night we watched Gosford Park and today we learn of Robert Altman’s death. From the impact of M*A*S*H‘s mirror on the Vietnam conflict and the knowing movie industry inside jokes of The Player to this year’s film interpretation of the US public radio series A Prairie Home Companion (the wonderful work […]

Job done – except for a door handle —

One of the reasons we chose the home we now live in was it’s potential to expand to meet the needs of our growing family or, more accurately, the growing needs of our family. While the four bedrooms upstairs, the decks and the section around the house provide plenty of room to sleep and move […]

Kapa Haka —

Kapa Haka is the term used for the traditional Maori performing arts. The term kapa haka derives its meaning from two words: kapa (to stand in rows) and haka (M?ori dance). Kapa haka requires the performers to sing, dance, have expression as well as movement and combine all these elements into each performed item. In […]

Just like in the movies —

Click on image for larger versions An unusual event interrupted my pottering about in the garden yesterday. I was in the middle of cat proofing my ‘square foot gardening‘ vegetable patches, surrounded by chicken wire, tools and the odd sprog, when I heard a sound one normally only hears in films. Buuuur-bup-bup-bup … buuuur-bup-bup-bup … […]