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Easter heralds autumn —

As Easter approached, the sprogs were all busy with rehearsals for a dance display at one of the local village halls. For the first time in a good few years, all four are taking classes again and it was good to see all of them in a show together. With hair scraped back and makeup […]

Parallel bookmarking —

Late last night, I made one of those ‘why didn’t I look for this months ago?’ finds on the web. I have flip-flopped between and Furl for ages, liking both’ simplicity and Furl’s ability to cache a page. As a merge of these two tools is unlikely, I have found that Alan’s Marklet […]

Back to front Brompton bag —

In days gone by, bicycle saddle bags rested neatly on the rear stays which were, by and large, less acutely angled than they are today and provided stable storage for waterproofs and lunch. Likewise, conventional handlebars provided an ideal location for a handlebar bag into which small loads can be stuffed and on which maps […]

The wonder of wheels —

It is an oft quoted factoid that humankind has yet to devise a more efficient machine for turning human effort into motion than the bicycle. Saying this to non-cycling folk is all well and good but does little to place the information in context. This simple but enlightening set of images from World Bicycle Relief […]

Animation Interlude —

With the price of Broadband here in NZ, I don’t watch a lot of animation online but I have just spent a minute watching the superb Shoo Fly, animated by the obviously talented John Su. Apparently, he created so many Flash frames for the main character, Nelly, the colour of his mouse button has changed […]

For productivity geeks only —

If you have never heard of David Allen, never argued over Hipster PDAs with folks at 43Folders, have no firm opinions on stationery and don’t give a stuff about personal productivity and organisation, The GTD Prayer will mean absolutely nothing. Those who identify with the clauses above will get it. via Alexia at the GTD […]

Excel calendar hack —

Amongst the other smart productivity stuff bursting from David Seah’s Better Living Through New Media I found a great year at a glance Excel calendar that’ll suit the ever-evolving paper system inside my conference file/folder. Following the example of others, I have worked up a localised New Zealand version for myself and others in Aotearoa.