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Twisted and bitter —

My bike was twisted and I am bitter – hence the following rant – bear with me, it will be short. Removers crushed my bicycle when we moved to NZ. The movers shrugged their shoulders and pointed to the insurers. The insurers spent three months trying all avenues to avoid paying. Stream of notated photos, […]

One acronym begets another —

In the last five weeks, our previously mentioned EOI (Expression of Interest) has undergone a metamorphosis. Today, what left this house as bits and bytes – and a large credit card payment – returned in the form of a large courier package containing a large bundle of papers, forms and supporting material which makes up […]

It had to happen —

I have long anticipated this day but often thought it may not come. SWMBO is launching her own blog. Whilst she is certainly not a Luddite, SWMBO is not an early adopter of most technology and has a pathological aversion to reading instruction manuals of any kind. This combination means that it has took the […]

From spring to autumn —

It was only when I was on my second St Patrick’s Day Guinness that I realised why the date of the Paddy’s Day posters looked familiar – March 17th was the expiry date on the original visitor’s visa in my passport meant that we have been in New Zealand for exactly six months. I thought […]

We’ve come a long way, you and I —

I must have clicked on a link to Internet Archive Wayback Machine at some point in recent times – probably while reading the excellent Ian’s Messy Desk because I have just found this page of links to old versions of my blog open in a Firefox tab. Clicking through the links, I have found three […]

Patience and Persistence —

I am not normally one for made-for-TV movies. However, on a rainy Sunday, when I see look through the TV guide and see a movie that I have never heard but has a pedigree cast that includes William H Macy, Helen Mirren and Kathy Baker, I’m willing to take a chance. Door To Door turned […]

Lock down —

After much exasperation and effort, I have finally stopped trying to get Norton AntiVirus to update it’s own virus definition files and canned it along with the firewall that was bundled with it in Norton Internet Security. The family PC is now watched over by AVG Plus Firewall Edition and probably will be until the […]