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The best laugh I’ve had in ages —

Remember when you built your first web site? Remember how you thought it would be really cool to have all those images, blinking words and scrolling marquees? How you couldn’t resist using all of the design elements provided in the web page builder you were using? I had completely forgotten just what the results of […]

Don't blink – it might disappear —

About 10 minutes ago, SWMBO idly surfed onto the New Zealand Immigration web site to login in and check whether status of our Expression Of Interest submission had altered from the ‘received’ it has been showing since we lodged. We were certainly not prepared to see the following message. Whilst hopeful and positive in outlook, […]

Summer Sunday morning —

I’m having a lazy Sunday morning, baking bread, reading RSS feeds, answering emails, listening to iTunes and playing with ecto, the Mac blogging client. As I was doing this Waiting In Vain from the album “Legend Remastered” by Bob Marley popped into my ears and completed my mood. Such a simple yet superb song.

Clearing more hurdles —

The Pinot Noir is flowing again. As related in Lining up the second hurdle, we have submitted our Expression Of Interest to the New Zealand Immigration Service and so have begun the long haul towards securing residency. In the meantime, we have continued to chase up various leads and applications and I am now happy […]