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Lunch with cicadas —

Today’s LDL cholesterol-avoidance lunch Following the sad and untimely death of an employee last year, my employer has recently taken a number of steps to support employees more in terms of lifestyle, health care and insurance provision. The onsite caterers provide a good variety of meal choices (though they still cater for those Kiwis who […]

I must be bonkers —

Another late evening and I’m tinkering with stuff that ain’t broke. Feeling the need for a change in email client, I’m currently experiencing the joy that is importing maiboxes into Thunderbird. Readers with long memories will know that I do stuff like this on a fairly regular basis. For those idiotic enough to try […]

And they say it rains in England —

“HEAVY RAIN WARNING AUCKLAND: Widespread heavy rain can be expected through to this evening […] 50 to 80mm of rain is possible,especially about the hills north of the City […] STRONG WIND WARNING AUCKLAND: Northeast winds are expected to rise to gale this morning, with possible severe gale gusts of 120 km/h in exposed places […]

The Winters Tale —

“I was drowned by Montgomery Clift, run over by both Alan Ladd and James Mason, knifed by Robert Mitchum and strangled by Ronald Colman … I couldn’t understand a word Michael Caine said, I just waited for the gaps and then said my lines.” Two of many great quotes by the late Shelley Winters that […]

Lining up the second hurdle —

I can hardly believe it myself. About 30 minutes ago, I willingly and without menaces, voluntarily read out my credit card details to SWMBO, who was seated at the family PC. That said, this was not your common or garden run of the mill internet shopping session but more of your landmark fingers crossed and […]

Easy like Sunday morning —

Our Sunday mornings are beginning to take on a semblance of normality, or at least what passed for normality before we decided to up stick and moved to the other side of the world. This means that SWMBO and the sprogs head off for church and I take the opportunity to try and get a […]

From Russia With Love —

A not so cool things about moving to New Zealand is that unless I maintain a credit card with a UK billing address – or go to the trouble of pretending at least – I have now joined the ranks of disenfranchised Kiwis who have no local iTunes Music Store portal. Luckily, the entrepreneurial comrades […]