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FreeMind updated —

Since I started wandering around the world, FreeMind, the best open source Java mind-mapping application and one of my favourites has been enhanced and much improved.  Regardless of whether you are on a Windows, Mac or Linux box, there’s a release for you and – if you’re on another OS – the binaries are available.  […]

Trying to pull it all together —

As I have mentioned recently to few folks like Michael, I’m trying to get my personal productivity and task management back on track, as is my wont this time of year. However, this year I have managed to complicate things a little by moving myself and family to the other side of the world, taking […]

Jessie —

Earlier today we found our tortoiseshell cat Jessie, who had become another road toll statistic over Christmas. Sadly, we have been here before with Jasper. Always an independent, on her own terms cat, she would often join me on my late night online sessions by flaking out on top of my monitor. I don’t think […]

NewsGator swallows NetNewsWire —

Yesterday evening, my buddy Chuck and I were talking over the variety of RSS aggregators available out there and what we prefer to use on which platform.  Earlier today, I had a similar chat with Jason.  All three of us now use both Windows and Mac machines on a daily basis and between us, we […]

Here and there and elsewhere —

I suspended writing on my long-running weblog a few months back in favour of concentrating on recording our emigration experiences here. Whilst I have never been the most consistent of bloggers, I now intend to resume blogging there as well as here and elsewhere. Now I am settling to my new life and work […]

Back with a vengeance… —

I suspended blogging here a few months back in favour of more spasmodic output over at No. 8 Wire whilst we emigrated to New Zealand, secured a job, sorted visas and found a house to live in.  Whilst I have never been the most consistent of bloggers, I now intend to resume blogging here as […]

Missing Mog —

One of the cats has been missing since Christmas Day morning. Whilst it is perhaps not too surprising as they have been uprooted and relocated twice in the last four months, it has brought a subdued mood to the house. Given that she is a town-raised cat in a rural setting, the possibilities are endless, […]

Christmas in Kumeu: a day in pictures —

One adult, two kids and just three hours to assemble The Chef’s Salad and the salad chefs No turkey here The family and the neighbours lunching Cap from Maryland, USA: US$40 Daughter’s RipCurl shades: NZ$20 Shirt from Rarotonga, Cook Islands: NZ$35 Chef’s apron from London, UK: £20 Feelings of happiness and contentment: Priceless  

The cattle are lowing… —

Christmas Eve 2004, London, UK A plastic tree, homemade paper chains and snowflakes, short days with biting winds, some nice neighbours and Chardonnay in the fridge. Christmas Eve 2005, Kumeu, NZ A real tree (same fairy on top), homemade paper chains and snowflakes, sunshine in the 20s, bulls for neighbours and Chardonnay on the vine […]

Bush telegraph —

In the last 36 hours, the combined technical clout of NZ’s satellite TV company and national telecoms provider has converted our rural hideaway into a fully connected digital homestead. After nearly four months of expensive cellphone calls and 3G wireless data connections, we now have expensive digital satellite TV and ADSL! This means is that, […]