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Hold the front page/index.html/SMS… —

A different take on the democratisation of the news process and the true birth of the “citizen reporter”. “It was a new kind of story. Not in the sense of what happened, which was thoroughly and depressingly as anticipated, but in the way it was reported and disseminated. The mobile phone photographers, the text messagers and the […]

Mixed feelings —

Since last Thursday’s bombings in London, I have been troubled.  Like many other bloggers, I have posted a mixture of information, opinion and reflection on that day’s events.  Whilst I believe that I have done so with good motives and a clear conscience, it is hard not to feel that one is, in some small way, […]


Today, as with most other days, my inbox has a bunch of forwarded emails, jokes, pictures and spam along with the legitimate stuff.  Amongst these were a couple of emails on the same subject – the East Anglian Ambulance Service’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) campaign.  In light of Thursday’s events in London and considering the distress of […]

Glad to be here —

This morning, I am sobered by the fact that the revised timing of the Edgware Road blast last Thursday now places me about 2 minutes away at the next station, Paddington.  With SWMBO evacuated from a train in the City of London area and our second eldest safely off the train and walking the last 100 yeards […]

Closer to the dream —

Six or so weeks on from my last post, there now appears to be very little that stands in the way of us moving to New Zealand…other than the fact that I have not been able to secure a job that will allow us to secure right of residency visas there. Whilst this is often […]

Well, there goes the neighbourhood —

Local cyclists enjoying the Lea Valley in June 2005 The same view of the Lea Valley in 2012 Whilst the politicians and the business people and the sports people are all head over heels, I and a good many others are not so happy with today’s news.  I was born at one end of the Lea Valley and have lived […]

Le Tour Prologue —

I’m getting in the mood for today’s Tour de France prologue time trial by listening to the excellent KRAFTWERK – TOUR DE FRANCE SOUNDTRACKS.  The prologue will provide the first glimpse of the much-touted battle between six-times winner Lance Armstrong and arch rival Jan Ullrich.  Free UK TV coverage will be on the ITV2 digital […]