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A grainy rod —

SWMBO has just found this photo amongst some papers in an old box.  I have no idea how old the photo is.  I cannot even recall the circumstances in which it was taken but it is a Polaroid test shot from a large format camera so it might have been from my acting days.  Judging by the earring, straighter nose and abundant […]

Dunwich Dynamo: T minus 3 hours —

I shall be attempting to blog the progress of myself and friends throughout tonight’s Dunwich Dynamo, an unsupported 120 mile night ride from London to the east coast so keep a look out over the next 14 hours or so. Update: Due to GPRS issues and zero cell coverage in rural East Anglia, this plan […]

Riding up the Thames —

After the events of recent weeks and to calm the nerves of a nervous mother, I decided that I would accompany my daughter to her school on the last day of term – not on the Tube as she would usually but choosing the river bus instead. So, after picking up her friend, we made […]

Dunwich Dynamo route and map —

Although I am sure there will be the usual handout at the start, I thought I would plot out the general route and directions for this weekend’s Dunwich Dynamo for my own reference.  Having done so, I thought I would make it available for others to use. Using the list of villages on the Dunwich […]

Park and Ride —

PARK Fans of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay should glide along to Groove Armada’s Lovebox Weekend which is taking place in Victoria Park on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th. It will be their only gig of the year and, apparently, the largest music event ever held in the park. RIDE Meanwhile, at the same time, […]