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Film star to buy our flat! —

We have just had a visit from two young women who are planning to buy our flat.  One of them is either Toni Collette, the star of Muriel’s Wedding, About a Boy and The Hours or her stunt double.  If it is her, she must be ‘resting’ between roles or doing research because she told us she’s working in […]

Well, I’ll be…. —

Apple returned my iPod today via those jolly chaps in brown, UPS.  The whole reformat your iPod, update you iTunes, upload your music saga that ensued reminded me that my Sony Fontopia earbuds had gone AWOL about the same time the iPod died.  Having accused all four offspring of ‘borrowing’ them previously, I though it […]

Tour De France —

The Tour de France, widely and rightly acknowledged as the most physically demanding sporting event in the world, begins in 7 days time.  Once again, ITV1 & 2 will have early and late evening shows covering each days highlights. Meanwhile, despite being unable to commute by bike because of a thief, I continue to try and keep my meagre weekly […]

Evening Mass —

Tonight’s Critical Mass ride meets, as always, at 6p.m. on the South Bank, just under Waterloo Bridge, outside the National Film Theatre.  Departing around 7pm, the ride normally lasts about 2 hours but, with this weather, tonight’s ride might just be longer and if we’re lucky, we may get a repeat of the beautiful sunset we were treated to […]

BBC Podcast Trial —

BBC – Radio – Download and Podcast Trial “As part of a trial we’re offering some programmes and programme highlights as downloads and podcasts. The trial runs from May to December 2005 and programmes started appearing on Monday 16 May.” The choice isn’t extensive – at least not what you’d expect of such a broadcasting […]

Midsummer Madness —

Tonight, or to be more exact tomorrow morning at 0200hrs, I will be joining a few hundred of London’s cyclists to observe a modern day Midsummer ritual. Commuter folk, couriers, Critical Mass riders and ordinary everyday bike folk will cycle from local meeting points to converge upon a succession of beigel bakeries, all-night cafes and coffee shops […]

43 Foldered —

Whilst not quite in the same league as being slashdotted, I have been 43 Foldered – which is smaller, friendlier and involves more discerning folk. Merlin Mann dug out an old wiki scrap I wrote (GtD Rescue Plan or how to break the cycle of implementation) and posted his take on it (Fractal Implementation, or, […]