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Sixty days —

Sixty days is a significant period of time. Wars are won, fortunes lost, regimes toppled and new hope raised in less time. All of which is my way of acknowledging that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last wrote here. In the intervening time, my attention has been almost entirely […]

Friends in need —

More often than not, when it comes to the maillists, forums and chatrooms, we only hear about the darker side of human nature.  This being the case, I just wanted to post something in mitigation. As detailed in the post below, I have had my trusty commuting bike stolen and, despite trawling the local flea […]

The dirty deed of a stolen steed —

Sadly, I became just another crime statistic a couple of hours ago when my Brompton folding bike was stolen in Spitalfields. It was taken from a group of three bikes locked together by the zebra crossing railings at the corner of Commercial and Fournier Streets, London E1 ( It was taken in the 20 minute […]

The browser that’s a wowser! —

(about 15 of them are mine!) Seems like the message is getting through.  If you have no idea what this post is about, I will just say this:  where have you been? A cave? The Horse-head Nebula?  Browse secure, browse tabbed, browse Firefox. Thanks to Ian for the heads up.

A few more than 43 Folders —

Along with a few of the other ‘Getting Things Done’ geeks and productivity pedants over at 43 Folders’ Google Group, I have recently revised how I store my personal papers. My old filing system consisted of a briefcase sized portable hanging file box (purple box below) which was full to overflowing years ago and was […]