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G(oogle E)rr(or) —

Is this a sign that I should give in, log off and go to bed?  OK, so it’s the first time this has happened in ages but I’d still like to read my mail.  Inspite of such occurences, the service is well-featured and it’s hard to beat the price.  

Establishing Basecamp —

My work life has suddenly transformed from a fairly quiet, ordered environment to one of rapid change, adaptation and transformation.  Whilst my own implementation of GTD[1] has allowed me to react appropriately and manage my own work activities, my company’s aged groupware and almost non-exsistent developer resources have been of little help in getting the project […]

The Reith Lectures on your iPod or PDA —

If you are interested in science and technology and support the ideals of good public radio, you may be interested to know that the BBC is MP3s and transcripts of the famous Reith lectures.  If you’re not familiar with these always enlightening and sometimes controversial broadcasts, the history and pedigree of these lectures is explained here.  This year’s Reith […]

The green-eyed monster —

My daily commute has been great enlivened recently by the addition of the superb and justly lauded Bike Or Die to the clutch of time-filling games on my T3.  Whilst the physics engine and devilishly difficult courses make for addictive trials bike gameplay, the graphics have a charming retro feel. Until this afternoon that is, when a much […]

Make Poverty History —

“This parking meter earns more in an hour than 70% of the world’s population does in a day” It’s late on Saturday afternoon and it suddenly occured to me that I haven’t written a thing here for six days.  As is usual when I go on the missing list, my mind and focus has been […]

Peace and quiet —

On Friday, I took a day off work to ferry three of the sprogs to Norwich for a photo session.  Whilst SWMBO acted as chaperone, the eldest and I took advantage of the spring sunshine and walked through the town to visit it’s cathedral.  The building, with it’s soaring vaulted ceilings and numerous chapels, is simply magnificent.  In particular, […]