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Alternative Easter Mass —

The last Friday in the month means that it is Critical Mass time again but tomorrow’s ride will also celebrate the 11th year of monthly bike rides.  Last year’s anniversary ride saw over 800 cyclists on the streets with a bike samba band, a guitar player in a rickshaw, various sound systems and some amazing bike creations.  For those who haven’t […]

Dating The Village People —

I have just been having an online chat with a fellow London Metblogger who used to date a Marine.  Asking how it was going, I was told that she had kicked the Marine to the kerb in favour of a construction gang boss in the States.  Before I could stop myself, I typed: [13:41] BigNosedUglyGuy: Are you […]

New wheels on my wagon —

I have finally managed to ‘upgrade’ the roller wheels on my Brompton with skate wheels, which should allow me to wheel rather than carry it through stations on my commute.  Thanks are due to Caroline, esteemed member of Tower Hamlets Wheelers who sourced the wheels at Decathlon and kindly grabbed some for me as I was abroad.  Thirty […]

The supermodel in my bed —

In the week since I have returned home, I have woken in the night more than a few times, bidden by my bodyclock to be doing something other than sleep. The first few seconds of wakefulness have been typified by uncomprehending confusion for, no matter how familiar the surroundings of my bedroom might appear in […]