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Who will be the next Doctor? —

Despite the pre-airing hype and attracting massive interest with the first episode of the revived ‘Doctor Who’, Christopher Eccleston has stepped down for fear of being type cast.  The BBC is running a poll to see who will replace Eccleston as the Doctor but, as you can see form the screen shot below, the Beeb’s […]

Syndication! —

On my return to the UK from Australasia, I was asked by a website owner to write an article on the first days of my visit to New Zealand based on my posts to my No.8 Wire blog.  Today, I noticed that the edited article, First Impressions, has been published on the British Expat website.  

Messenger memories —

It is perhaps a little strange that, of all days, it is today that I read Frank Duff’s great piece on Kuro5hin about giving up coding for a life on Toronto’s streets as a bike messenger.  I say this because yesterday, whilst I was out bike riding with sprog No.3 round the docks, I bumped into an old […]

From Furl to —

Want to convert your numerous Furl listings to entries? I have just found a way to do this. Export your Furl listings to an .html file on your desktop. Surf to loader and point it at the .html file, enter your username and password and hit the upload button. Two hints: take […]

Sunday sounds —

With the clocks going forward in the early hours of the morning, I overslept and woke to be greeted by the dull leaden clouds of first day of British Summer Time. I needed to lift my mood and so… …whilst the rest of the family are out observing their religion, I have spent the morning […]

Doctor Who —

“If you’re an alien, how come you sound like you’re from up North?” asks Rose suspiciously.  “Other planets have Norths, you know” replies the Doctor cheekily. Tongue in cheek? Yes.  Faithful in tone and content? Certainly.  The first episode of the all-new Doctor Who has just finished and gets the thumbs up from me and the team […]

IMazon, anyone? —

Instant messaging is one of those things that many younger web users simply can’t image living without. Although it can trace its parentage to the bulletin boards and online services of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, it only really emerged as a distinct entity in it’s own right a little under ten years ago when […]

A River Runs Through It —

There are many things wrong with London.  However, views like this one on the Thames riverside cyclepath last night help to remind me that many live in places and conditions that are far worse. Small mercies and all that. my lo-fi ears are listening to Club Foot/Kasabian