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Local knowledge —

Auckland Sunday morning arrived promising a hot day and, after spending the previous evening at the Lantern Festival with thousands of Chinese, Europeans, Maori and tourists, I was ready for a quieter day with a few less folks for company. Having called ahead the previous day, I had arranged to spend the day in the […]

Gone bush, mate —

Waitakere Ranges and Helensville Considering I didn’t arrive until Tuesday, I have had a pretty busy week and managed to stave off the worst of the jet lag to accomplish a fair amount in three days before folks closed for the weekend. This being the case and with little I could practicably do on the […]

Downtown —

Auckland CBD If the truth be told, my real first impression of Auckland was how loud the noise of the local cicadas was outside my room … and in the domain where I run … and Albert Park where the local Chinese population are preparing a latern festival to celebrate their New Year tonight. High […]

In Transit —

London Heathrow After heart-wrenchingly tearful goodbyes with the family at home, I was not in the brightest of moods or thinking clearly when I arrived at the Emirates check-in desk. The agent looked weary after a long day but was pleasant and helpful, advising me that that I needed to transfer some of the weightier […]

Locked and loaded —

I had to adopt a ruthless approach to packing in order to bring some order and reduce the weight of this morning’s first attempt (left) to this afternoon’s more acceptable result (right). As well as jettisoning a pair of shoes, a travel guide and a few other bits, I bit the bullet and transferred the […]

In Kupe's wake —

“New Zealand was the last place in the world to be settled by humans and its isolation and freedom from human interference came it a unique natural environment. The first settlers in New Zealand were the Maori who came from Polynesia. Their arrival from their homeland of Hawaiki is celebrated in myths and legends carried […]

Please switch channels —

The distinct lack of posts here recently is dealt with in my latest post over on my No.8 Wire blog.  To make life simpler for me and you, I am pretty sure that most of my blogging activity over the next three to four weeks, whilst I am driving across New Zealand, will be there rather than here.  I […]

Putting in the hours —

Since the last post, I have been leading what, to all intents and purposes, constitutes a double life. By day, I have been holding down my usual job and, for the last two weeks, standing in for my boss as well. This has kept me pretty busy, meaning that my eyes are often closing by […]

Are you sure it’s me you want? —

It’s been four months since my last trawl through search terms that brought folks to my site.  My Top 10 favourites from recent results are no less perplexing than the last lot – and just as amusing: eat my hat little piggie went to market karma sutra fragrance recipe trebucet backpacking sex tent wank in france are big […]