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Doing the homework —

As I have already mentioned, what the relocation TV shows don’t show you is the sheer grind of getting to grips with the bureaucracy involved. Of all the tasks so far, finding a discernible path through the labyrinthine convolutions of the immigration regulations must rank as the most frustrating. In this topsy-turvy world, rules change […]

Looking for No.8 wire —

The lack of posts here is a pretty solid indication that my mind has been on other things in recent weeks. Rather than launch into a long and rambling explanation here and confuse matters, I decided to do so elsewhere. Looking for No.8 wire is that elsewhere and the first post, The Lure Of The […]

Spyware sermon —

“What’s the biggest threat to business networks in 2005? Front-line IT managers and security firms increasingly peg spyware as public enemy No. 1.” Spyware: IT’s public enemy No. 1: ZDNet Dearly Beloved Having lost most of my day to a sudden spyware/trojan infestation of my laptop, I’m inclined to agree with the above.  Despite the efforts […]

Letting off steam —

Upon arriving home, I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and was greated by the sight of the iron sitting in the ½ full washing up bowl in the sink. What is more, it was full of pink stuff. Knowing better than to assume anything, I called SWMBO to enquire as […]

363 to go… —

Are you a reveller, a resolver or a rejecter?  Julian Baggini, in a short piece for The Guardian, argues that it is the whole year that counts, not just how we see it in. my lo-fi ears are listening to Do You Have A Little Time/Dido

Holiday Redux —

Though I suspect I will remember this Christmas and New Year’s Eve for two weeks of coughs and sneezes, I thought I would jot down a few notables for my future reference, if no one else’s.  The most notable gifts were the Christian Aid ‘Just Gifts’ given to myself and the sprogs by SWMBO.  Between us, we […]

Africa to send aid to Britain —

The annual trawl through newly-released documents at the National Archive has unearthed a truly surreal story that turns current news events on their head. “Today, 21 January 1974, the people of Kigezi District donated one lorry load of vegetables and wheat. I am now requesting you to send an aircraft to collect this donation urgently […]

H is for History —

A meme pastime to while away the Bank Holiday hours.  Type each letter of the alphabet into your browser’s address bar and see what it offers by way of a snapshot of one’s recent browsing history.  In my case, the alphabet spaghetti lines up like this: A is for Amazon B is for this blog C is […]