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Freeware free-for-all —

Palm user?  Enjoy using freeware and supporting those who write it? Ever wondered if there are must-have applications that you somehow missed?  Fear not, for Jon Aquino has the answer.  Frustrated that don’t offer a ‘ranked’ view of the freeware they link to, he has extracted the data and posted the results on his […]

Festive Fleet Street Round Up —

In the grand tradition of digests everywhere, and with hours of free time in my hands, I have read the festive news stories so you don’t have to.  The following highlights should contain conversation starters/stoppers, thought-provoking insight and the odd smile. Christmas Credentials: Is Xmas the same as Christmas?  Was it the invention of lazy […]

Lyrically seeking —

My waxing lyrical about lyrics the other evening prompted further and wider investigations, which lead me into unexpectedly interesting territory this morning.  Whilst searching for answers to a nagging question I have about one of Seal’s tracks – more of which later – I blundered into Paolo Di Nicolantonio’s web site. SynthMania is a veritable Aladdin’s cave […]

Carols By Candlelight —

I went to a Christmas carol service last night for the first time in years.  Like many others I suspect, I enjoy belting out the odd carol despite being a card-carrying atheist.  After meeting a few like-minded folks from Tower Hamlets Wheelers at Mile End’s Green Bridge, we headed south towards the Isle Of Dogs.  We zigzagged around the island on a quick […]

Lyrically speaking —

One unexpected benefit of listening to my iPod via excellent Sony Fontopia earbuds is that allow me to hear lyrics better, regardless of the ambient noise.  As well as providing added insight on the teenage angst of Snow Patrol’s Spitting Games (as playing now), they have also led me to the laugh-out-loud fun of Busted’s lyrical wizardry. Their ode to pubescent lust, […]

And relax… —

The laptop zipped up in it’s case.  The (damnable) Windows Mobile company cell phone is switched off and the battery detached.  The security swipe card, photo pass and office key are on the shelf.  The pre-dawn departures and post-sunset returns are finished for the year.  Yup, I am on annual leave until January 4th. So far, I have celebrated with 12 […]

Tax yourself this Christmas —

That’s right, I’m challenging you to look at the little luxuries you have in your home in the run up to the holiday period, levy a self-imposed tax on your lifestyle and the gifts you receive and send the money to a worthy cause. I know this sounds mawkish and more than a little like […]

Chatsworth fE5tival —

We don’t ‘do’ Oxford Street or Regent Street at Christmas.  The thought of fighting with hoardes of other folk who are equally stressed and pissed off whilst hunting down so-called Christmas bargains is too much too contemplate.  Like many people with kids, the convenience of internet and mail order shopping means that we can avoid […]