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The judge’s decision is final – updated —

It would seem that my watch was almost in sync with the official timing system on Sunday, for the posted result copied below. If you’re not thoroughly sick of my crowing yet, you can now watch me stagger over the line in a video kindly provided at the Video Finish section of the Run London […]

I ran London —

It’s 23.10 and I’m over the moon as I’m back home after the Nike Go Nocturnal Run London which was my first ever 10k race.  According to my watch (official times will not be posted for a couple of days), I completed the course in 53.43mins.  I am stunned as I thought that my target of […]

The Running Man —

I am aware that I am neglecting the few regular readers I have left but various things including laziness arising from having a crappy headcold have kept me from posting recently. Foremost in my non-work activities has been preparing to participate in the Nike Run London 10K, my first serious attempt at a road race. […]

A run in the park —

I have been fending off a cold/cough type thing for two weeks now but it continues to linger and take the edge off what are otherwise good days.  This is particularly annoying as I am trying to up my training schedule for the Run London 10km race at the end of the month and each training run […]

What’s in my bag —

Inspired by the ‘What’s in my bag‘ group over at Flickr, I turfed out the contents of the front pannier of my folding Brompton bicycle to see how my haul compares. If you think this is bad, I should tell you that I didn’t empty all the pockets of the notebook case or the CaseLogic […]

Paying It Forward —

As I mentioned in my Dublin post, I was the beneficiary of a stranger’s kindness recently.  I like to try and ensure that I ‘repay’ such kindness by assisting someone else if a similar fashion and, this week, a few flashes of serendipity have allowed me to do so.[1] Earlier in the week, whilst transferring from one train to another at Baker Street, I came […]

Dublin —

Halloween in Temple Bar “The public museums are closed on a Monday.  All of Dublin’s museums are public.  Except for the private ones.  Which are often open on Mondays”. “On the left, you will see the main entrance of Dublin’s Trinity College, which was established under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth the Second. No, that’s […]