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Are you sure it’s me you want? —

Haven’t done this for a while.  Here, without embellishment or alteration, are a few selected search terms that have brought folks to this blog: snoochie boochies evil hand gambas pil pil recipe hugh fearnley-whittingstall guardian weekend military equipment emergency aid bag for soldier in wool ‘full body photo of kelly holmes’ 2004 contacts mail address mr numbers […]

Funny shorts —

Ten and How to BBQ a man are two great short films. ‘Ten’ shows just how easy it is to break all of the Ten Commandments before breakfast and ‘How to BBQ a man’ is a small but well formed study of social mores in the US ‘burbs. Enjoy. my lo-fi ears are listening to […]

McCarthy, Wyatt and Bigley —

“Pete’s books caused seismic public laughter on suburban trains, transatlantic planes, storm tossed ferries, in cheap student accommodation and very definitely on the London Underground.” says Adrian Mealing, friend and tour manager of author and presenter Pete McCarthy in an interview today.  Very true, as fellow Jubilee passengers will attest having watched me snort and laugh my […]

Tube Train Tunes —

Listening to music through earphones on London’s Tube trains is a three-way exercise in balancing one’s need to actually hear the music against the roar of the train without imposing one’s taste taste in music on surrounding commuters.  Whilst the iPod’s earphones are more than capable of producing a decent enough quality of sound, the noise […]

World On Fire – shame on us —

Although I listen to my fair share of music, Sarah McLachlan is not an artist that I have heard before or even heard of.  If she walked past me in the street, I’d be none the wiser.  However, in the last four minutes or so, she has become an artist that I have admiration for because she […]

Woodsmoke and warm smiles —

A slow walk to the postbox this evening provided a moment of sensory contrast for, although it is warm enough to saunter comfortably in shirt sleeves, the smell of woodsmoke was in the air and for me that is inextricably tied to autumn.  Whether or not it is the result of global warming, the weather does […]

Toolbar Toolset —

Slowly but inexorably, a good number my online activities have moved to web-based tools in recent months, as the partial screengrab of my links bar below shows. Although there was no one conscious decision to do this, I suspect the desire to have access to all my main resources from any location had a lot […]

TiddlyWiki —

Jeremy Ruston has come up with an interesting take on the wiki. TiddlyWiki is wiki that runs in your browser without the need for server side stuff. Yup – a wiki that is just a web page crafted from HTML and Javascript. Very neat indeed – only wish I could think of a way to […]