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Half term sojourn —

We’re off away for a couple of days  There’s a small clue as to where in the picture below. So, we’ll be after having tea with Mrs Doyle, sippin’ a few pints with Father Jack and a bit of a wander to see what’s what.  After that, we’ll be coming back. my lo-fi ears are […]

Happy Hello Ian —

…or Happy Halloween, if you care to contradict my youngest sprog.  We’re not big on the imported tradition of trick or treating in this house.  This is in no way meant as a slur on those that choose the true Wiccan path, simply a reaction to the commercialisation and it’s temporary appropriation by budding blackmailers each autumn.  In […]

Home Truths & John Peel —

“Before we start, I need to talk to you about David Essex and breasts…” So began one of the many editions of Home Truths I have enjoyed over the last six or so years.  Of all the mornings to sleep in and miss the show, today with it’s tribute to John Peel, was not the day to […]

A real boneshaker —

A skeleton riding a recumbent Spent an hour or so in the company of a few hundred other like-minded souls this evening in Central London, putting faces to a few names and generally having a hoot on the Halloween critical mass ride. Sadly, I had to tear myself away as I had promised to cook […]

iUpdate #2: You speaka Applese? —

UPS Package Tracking shows that my iPod has now completed the following steps in the replacement process: ‘despatch > box > label > collect > despatch > arrive > swap > relabel >despatch >get lost > get found > deliver 3 times whilst I’m out > return to lose somewhere in depot.  When I tracked my case via […]

When is a map not a map? —

When it is one of the most widely used and recognised diagrams in the world.  Nicholas Crane has written a short but informative feature about the London Underground map/diagram and how it has helped shape London and Londoner’s perceptions of how their city looks. If you’d prefer pictures, GeoffTech’s excellent site has more than a few versions of […]

You’ll be missed, John Peel —

John Peel 1939 – 2004 “The Monday evening show the weekend after the Hillsborough tragedy was a piece of broadcasting I’ll never forget. He said nothing at the start of his show. He just played a record. A long slow record. It was Aretha Franklin’s heart breaking gospel version of You’ll Never Walk Alone. I […]

Does this mean I’m a biathlete? —

Having finally rid myself of the company car, I have spent a few weeks getting to grips with the combined timetables of the Docklands Light Railway, the London Underground and First Great Western Link.  Whilst I have experienced the odd delay, on the whole the experience has been a positive one and has gone a long […]