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Where did the weekend go? —

This weekend has shot by. Already Sunday evening is here and I’m doing anything to avoid ironing a shirt for work, as this means the fun is over and Monday morning awaits. So where did the time go? Well, between 2200hrs on Friday evening and 2300hrs last night, I was preoccupied with catering for and […]

Mr. Naga’s friend, Shamsul —

Those who can remember back as far as July may recall that I was impressed with Mr Naga’s Very Hot Chili Paste, with it’s minimalist label and maximum taste. It seems that my enthusiastic post reached the folks who are responsible for producing MNVH because, in the process of clearing the spam from one of […]

G(rrrrrr)mail —

Is it just me or has Gmail been really slow and refusing connections (like now!) for odd periods of late? I know I shouldn’t whine because it’s free and it works almost all the time and it’s still a beta after all but, like a a junkie wanting a fix, I want it and, by […]

A p(o)int of principle —

I like beer. In fact, I like most beers. Common or garden lager is OK as a thirst quencher on a hot day or when it is something a little special (i.e. brewed by Belgian monks and fermented in nun’s wimples) but most of all I like what are known as ‘session’ beers or ales. […]

Qumana – it’s a blog thing that does stuff —

No sooner had I picked up the trial of Blogjet after reading Ian’s post about it than I happened upon Tris’s post about Qumana.  Qumana is a two-part application that allows users to collect, build and publish content via blog hosts such as Blogger, Blogware and TypePad. With it’s stay on top DropPad applet plus […]

Singing In The Rain? —

Ladles and jellyspoons, the iTunes upload is over.  Whilst I’m sure there are plenty out there who have a gazzilion more ripped CDs and MP3s on their iPods, I am quite happy to have finished my initial ripping session.  My iPod is now one short of eleven hundred songs which, iTunes tells me, is equivalent to […]