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Spare a thought —

The last thing you expect when watching the news is to watch a pub you spent more than a few holiday evenings drinking in being washed into the sea by flash floods. Having spent a superb summer holiday in Boscastle on the North Cornish coast, it was more than a little shocking not to say […]

Seattle moves in next door —

‘One final point to note is that Newham will be using Internet Explorer […] Microsoft is very serious about addressing security concerns.’ I bet they are, having scored a £5m over 10 year deal with our neighbouring London borough and thereby delivered a blow to the open source community. Whether or not Newham were ever […]

Littler Chef —

Britains’ favourite roadside short order cook is having a makeover, according to Radio Four news this morning. The Little Chef is to slim down by losing his tradmark paunch and will gain a natty new jacket as part of a new revamped image. Next they’ll be swapping his silver salver for carrot sticks and aubergine […]

Signage of the times —

I offer the above in a pathetic attempt to compete with the far more accomplished efforts of those premier league photobloggers Dave and Grahame. These substation doors are a key flyposting location for local political activists and residents associations but, yesterday, for the first time that I can remember, there were no posters; so it […]

Happy anniversary… —

… to Mr and Mrs Squonk. Not only is Squonk a fellow Euro-blogger but, as you’ll note from his hotel room post, he uses the same Palm T3 and Sony Ericsson T610 combination as Roger and myself to blog on the move, proving Mrs Squonk landed herself a discerning geek three years ago!

Park Life —

A visit to the local library with the sprogs was frustrated this morning when, upon arriving, we were told they were closing for lunch. I find it sad that, in this day and age of internet-connected lending libraries that rent DVDs and have advice centres, a small local library that has three members of staff […]

It’s all my mother’s fault —

Freudian Inventory Results Genital (70%) you appear to have a progressive and constructive outlook on life. Latency (40%) you appear to have a good balance of knowledge seeking and practicality. Phallic (53%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure. Anal (46%) you appear to have a good balance of […]

Six degrees of email —

As is often the case, Ian has beaten me to spotting Julie Daniel’s take on GTD email management and how it helps control the six types of email most folks have. Julie is a UK based accredited GTD coach. England 0 – Canada 1.