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Intrigued —

Primer is a Super 16mm film by Shane Carruth that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where it won two major prizes and a fair amount of acclaim. As far as I can make out from the trailer (click here for 10mb QuickTime version) and various websites, the story is about four men […]

No pace like Holmes’ —

With more than enough yang to cancel out Radcliffe’s ying, earlier this evening Kelly Holmes blew away not only the rest of the field in the women’s 1500m Olympic final, but also the cloud that has hung over her performance in major competitions for the last 12 years. Holmes’ wide eyed smiles will now pass […]

Only in Malta! —

© My Maltese colleague Roderick is no mean photographer*. His landscapes, wildlife and floral studies are particularly good. Recently, he drew my attention to a website called Only in Malta!. This site has an excellent and growing collection of funny photographs. Those who have Maltese friends or who have visited Malta, Gozo or Comino, […]

Low tech high tech —

How to do infrared data transfer of contact information between a Darkside smartphone and a T610 without having to read the receiving screen upside down. Despite appearances, it’s been a busy week as the lack of posts will attest.

Wheatgrass and chocolate —

At the other end of the athletic spectrum from me and performing far beyond the capabilities of most us, you’ll find Paula Radcliffe, whose life appears to have been destined to bring her to Athens. One’s admiration only increases upon learning that, in order to bring herself to the very pinnacle of athletic prowess, she […]

Body and sole —

Sunday mornings are a great time to run around here because you pretty much have the streets and pavements to yourself. This morning was no exception, with the early morning sunshine warming my back as I worked my way across the Isle of Dogs and through the near-deserted roads and plazas of Canary Wharf before […]

This little piggie went to… —

Borough Market On this gloriously sunny English summer’s morning, I jumped onto the DLR* with sprogs 1 and 4 in tow and headed up to the market to grab a few foodie delights and meet up with with some old work colleagues. The bignoseduglyguy raiding party foraged far and wide, seeking out unusual ingredients, tasty […]

Boo! —

I know, I know, you feel neglected. I haven’t posted or phoned or sent flowers but I’ve been busy. MON: Work then family stuff. TUES: Work then friend’s BBQ & beer. WED: Headache, work then collect sprogs from outlaws. THUR: Work then playing with new wiki setup. I’ll write….I promise. OK?