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Answering the call —

With a highly capable team at work and the family vacation looming, I have decided that, for the first time in years, the company cellphone will be ceremoniously switched off and slung in a drawer for the duration of the holiday. Along with the family, I am looking forward to lazy days paddling on the […]

Unimaginable —

“Hindus who would normally burn the bodies of their dead relatives have buried them tonight. Some parents are saying that cannot bear to put these burnt bodies into fire again.” As a parent, I cannot begin to conceive of the pain, distress, anger and utter dispair that will inhabit every breath and heartbeat of those […]

New full fat Blogger —

Blogger has introduced a WYSI-M-WYG or “What You See Is Mostly What You Get option. This means that you can now embolden, italicise, do a whole range of colours, create unordered bullet or, if you prefer, numbered bullet lists not to mention add blockquotes and format text in fonts like Lucida, Trebucet, Times, Verdana and […]

All Hail! —

London, or this part of London at least, has just had a sudden and fairly impressive hailstorm. Big ploppy rain turned to marble-sized hail and for a full 5 minutes, it hailed with varying intensity. Ever concerned for the livestock and crops – OK, the rabbits, guinea pigs, tomatoes and chili plants – I bravely […]

Caption fatique —

According to the caption above from this BBC story, the gentleman above is not a millionnaire actor and right wing politician but is, in fact, Alyn Hockey who is the technical director of Clearswift, the company behind MIMESweeper. A case of separated at birth perhaps?

Tipping the scales —

Can someone out there, who has read the whole of this news report please explain to me how the sentence represents justice in any way, shape or form and how, in the light of that sentence, one is to maintain any faith in the judiciary whatsoever?

Respect to Mr. Naga —

We have good friends heading over for a meal tonight, so I decided to prepapre the majority of a select handful of our favourite Indian dishes early. With this cunning plan, I can concentrate on the talking and drinking this evening rather than slaving away in the kitchen. Assembling the ingredients for roti, prawn puri, […]

YaOddHooPost —

Those with long memories will recall that I trialled and raved about Oddpost’s innovative webbased email client back in September last year. Although I later dropped it due to the fact that it was incompatible with Firefox (it requires IE to function), I liked the functionality and wrote to the developers encoraging them to take […]

(Unsound) mind maps —

As someone who is interested in personal productivity methods and techniques, my eye was caught by the picture of a ‘mind map’ type image whilst surfing local news stories this morning. It would seem that ‘Britain’s worst stalker’, who has just been jailed for his crimes, used a rudimentary mind map to plan his campaign […]