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Brought to you by Marconi —

Brought to you by Marconi I am typing this sitting at the foot of the Maroni Memorial column on the cliffs at Poldhu Point. From a small building a few hundred feet to the north east, on the 12th December 1901, the letter ‘S’ was transmitted out over the Atlantic. This repeated burst of three […]

Cornish Pastiche 4 —

Sunday passed in a blur, with the usual frenetic level of activity that our family of six manage to maintain during the first week of any holiday. We have friends who live in the area, with whom we want to spend time catching up on news and events. Making contact wasn’t easy at first as […]

Cornish Pastiche 3 —

Day Three – Settling In One of the certainties of booking accomodation from brochures is that, even when you know that nothing is ever as it appears in the publicity material, one always hopes that this place will be the one to vindicate your blind faith in the process. It would seem that this year […]

Cornish Pastiche 2 —

Day Two – Somerset to Cornwall After a monster breakfast, more chat and fond goodbyes, we skirted the edge of Taunton and rejoined the streams of like-minded souls on the the M5, heading towards the sunny South West. Not long after slipping across the county border into Cornwall, the inevitable happened and we rolled slowly […]

Cornish Pastiche – Part 1 —

Day One – London to Somerset Driving through London and out onto the M4 was easy for, whilst the late morning traffic was heavy, the route is one I commute every day. After a Little Chef lunch – often the highlight of the journey for the sprogs – we continued to Bristol and swung left […]

109053318202299005 —

Bags are packed. Coolie box is chilled. Flat has been cleaned and tidied. Directions, maps and traffic info printed. Parents not talking after arguing for days on end. Kids are pretending to sleep but are too excited to do so. Tyres have been pumped up and the fuel tank filled on the 806. Just one […]

Not the Tour de France —

There were red faces at the offices of Cycling Plus magazine following a typo error in the May edition in an article outlining a cycle route. “There is the option to dismount, wank along the pavement and cross the main road at a safe point.” Cycling Plus claim the fault occurred at the printers and […]

Downtime —

I shall soon be heading off for a little rest and recuperation in a quiet hamlet in a far flung corner of this fair land. One benefit of the location will be the lack of on-tap internet access. I say benefit because I desperately need an enforced break from my online activities to give my […]

Been there, done this —

As a kite flying father, I can only agree with Robin – and add that, if you take kids kite flying, you’ll have no time to fly your own super expensive kite – you know, the one SWMBO doesn’t know the real cost of.