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Webmonkey has not left the building —

Lurking at the bottom of the wired.comside bar, I noticed this good news for all those missing the definitive web development how-to guides: “Webmonkey Returns : We heard from a lot of you after Webmonkey stopped publishing earlier this year. So, by popular demand, Webmonkey, the pioneering how-to guide for Web developers, is back. Wired […]

Intellisunc —

You’d think I’d know better, wouldn’t you? Last night, fuelled by boredom and a little too much Adnams, I decide to see if Pumatech’s Intellisync for Yahoo was any less flaky than when I last tried it. Given that it is heavily promoted in the new lean, mean Yahoo mail service, I thought they may […]

Gmail Bookmarklets —

Michael Sippey has cooked up a couple of small but lovingly crafted bookmarklets for Gmail users. Once dragged or saved to your browser’s toolbar, these will give you the capability to i) fire up a blank gmail without the need to click onto the Gmail site and ii) do the same, but linking to the […]

Cancerous colon comedy —

Today’s moral dilemma: does having terminal cancer excuse Cass coming up with a pun like this?: TO ALL COLON CANCER GROUPS I think we need an anthem. It could be sung to the Sting tune and goes Don’t stand so.. Don’t stand so.. Don’t stand so.. colostomy If you have never read Cass’ CancerGiggles weblog, […]

Smoking is bad for you —

My recently retired pundit’s story of self harm through smoking without inhaling reminds me of the time I was almost responsible for the death of a friend, his girlfriend and myself. We were en route to a superb Ian Dury and The Blockheads concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. At the time, my friend was a […]

Metroblogging goes live in London —

The London Metblog is open for business and a cross-section of London bloggers, including yours truly, are posting. It’s early days for the London site but the metblog concept is becoming hot – the LA metblog has been making big news since late last year and the Chicago metblog just made Feed Of the Day […]